4th of July: Cultural Celebration and English Exposition.

The Big Waves English Network of Licantén presented a cultural event and English exposition in celebration of the United States’ Independence Day on JuLY 1ST, 2019 at Liceo Augusto Santelices Valenzuela, from 10:00-13:00. The assembly was ordered as follows:

1. Introduction – Mayor, Jefe DAEM, Kassidy 
2. Lipdub – Lora 
3. Singing presentation – LASV 
4. Poem – Los Junquillos 
5. Cooking Show – Iloca (Plus Audience Questions – Kassidy) 
6. What does the Fox Say? – Los Junquillos 
7. Musical Chairs with English Vocabulary – All Schools 
8. Cotton Eye Joe – Teacher’s Dance 
9. Kahoot (US Culture Questions) – All Schools 
10. Closing and presentation of participation certificates – Kassidy and Profe Juan